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Bites and Beyond, Night and Day

Beverly Hills Hotel Bodega

Our 24-Hour Lobby Bodega

Have a last minute craving for a salty snack? In need of something bubbly to sip by the pool on a sunny LA day? Do you simply require a lifesaver (aka phone charger) because your battery is at 1%? Our 24-hour bodega, located in our lobby by the front desk, has you covered. We've got the essentials, including an eclectic variety of nibbles (sweet and salty, naturally), alcoholic beverages, grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items like yogurt, fruit, pastries, sandwiches and salads, as well as a standing cooler of refreshing cold drinks like bottled water, local fresh-pressed juices, and assorted sodas. We also carry non-edible necessities, like phone chargers and yoga mats, to ensure you’ve got what you need for an easy breezy LA stay.

wine and champagne bottle necks

Serious Sips

If your idea of essentials includes wine, beer, cocktails and champagne, then you're in luck. Our 24-hour bodega carries an assortment of craft beers, delicious pre-mixed cocktails, several types of wine (red and white) and even Veuve Clicquot...perfect for taking relaxation poolside to the next level.